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Foam/Sponge/Unknowable material cover, A4 (roughly) colours vary dramatically...

Something like 60 daft Spag Club exercises in this beefy unit. This is the booklet people are given when they arrive in heaven/hell depending on who you are.

50+ pages.


-Mona Lisa working for Amazon Prime (not really)
-The smallest Malteaser on the planet
-Mick Hucknull in shades stood next to Taz
-Santa in debt (also not in it)
-Spider speech
-Every photo of you ever taken
-You (today) vs You (tomorrow)
-A rollercoaster for your tears

Any content found to not be up to the Spag Golden Standard (SGS) was included anyway, for people who seem to laugh at anything.

Hand deliveries in London, Clapton are available if you bring a calm dog. Postal costs remain unchanged.